Occupational Medicine Service Request

Occupational Medicine employer portal

Upon opening a CityMD Occupational Medicine account, your company will be able to

  • Manage all of your occupational medicine needs electronically through a web-based portal
  • Access all 150+ CityMD locations, enabling our support teams and clinical staff to deliver the best-in-class Occupational Medicine services in the NY-NJ market

Employer Partner Benefits.

Authorize service requests

Electronically submit requests for employees to have services performed at CityMD


Manage employees

Maintain your employee roster directly in the portal


Retrieve results

Clinical results and documentation updated in real-time


Track utilization

Gain insight into when employees come in for their visit through detailed reporting


Communicate with our Occupational Medicine team

Submit support cases and have direct communication with our Occupational Medicine Customer S team


Announcements and resources

Stay up-to-date on new site openings, testing abilities, new features, and more!


Dedicated Occupational Medicine team.

CityMD provides employers with dedicated account managers who can cater to your organization's unique needs, concerns and questions about your employees' health.
For more information or to establish your CityMD account, please contact our Occupational Medicine team.