A woman scratching a rash on her stomach

Don't scratch it: how to care for a rash on your stomach.

Rashes on the stomach can be unsettling and uncomfortable. Understanding the causes of stomach rashes and knowing the right ways to treat them can help alleviate your discomfort and prevent further complications.

Here's a guide to identifying potential causes of a stomach rash and how to find relief through treatment, especially with the help of CityMD.

Why is there a rash on my stomach?

A stomach rash can pop up for all kinds of reasons.

Maybe it’s an allergic reaction to a new body wash or a sign of something more like eczema or psoriasis. Sometimes, shingles, fungal infection or a condition like contact dermatitis could be the culprit.

Keep track of any other symptoms like pain or fever that might help pinpoint the cause.


Causes of stomach rashes.

Stomach rashes can arise from several different conditions:

  • Allergic reactions: Contact with allergens like nickel, rubber or certain cosmetic products can cause reactions such as contact dermatitis.
  • Heat rash: Heat rash occurs when sweat ducts become blocked during hot, humid weather.
  • Infections: Viral infections like shingles or measles can manifest as specific types of rashes characterized by red, itchy or painful spots.
  • Insect bites: Bites from mosquitoes, ticks or other insects can also lead to localized itching and rash.
  • Autoimmune disorders: Conditions like eczema or psoriasis involve the immune system attacking the body's own cells, leading to rash development.
  • Environmental factors: Poison ivy, poison oak and similar plants contain oils that cause rashes upon contact with the skin. 

Identifying the correct cause is essential as it guides the treatment approach.


How do I identify the rash that I have?

Identifying the type of rash you have can be tricky, but here are some tips to get you started:

  • Look at the appearance: Is your rash red, bumpy, scaly or blistering? Noticing these details can help pinpoint the cause.
  • Consider the location: Where on your body is the rash? Some rashes occur only on specific parts of the body.
  • Think about symptoms: Besides the rash, are you experiencing itching, pain or swelling? Do you have a fever or other signs of illness?
  • Reflect on recent activities: Have you started using new products, taken medication or been in natural environments where you could have encountered plants like poison ivy?


Treating rashes at CityMD.

At CityMD, we understand how uncomfortable and worrying a rash can be. Our approach to treating rashes on the stomach involves:

  • Medical evaluation: Our healthcare professionals will assess your rash and determine its cause, considering your medical history, symptoms and any recent exposures.
  • Appropriate treatment: Depending on the cause, treatment might include topical creams like hydrocortisone, antihistamines to reduce severe itching or antibiotics if an infection is involved.
  • Allergy management: If the reaction is severe, we may recommend avoiding the allergen and using medications to control it.
  • Education and prevention: We provide advice on how to care for your skin to prevent future rashes and manage symptoms at home.


When should you seek urgent care for a stomach rash at CityMD?

Visit CityMD or contact a healthcare provider if:

  • You experience severe discomfort or pain from the rash. 
  • The rash spreads rapidly.
  • You develop a fever or other systemic symptoms.
  • There are signs of infection, such as increased redness, warmth, swelling or oozing.

Remember, early intervention is key to preventing complications from a rash. Whether it’s a minor irritation or a sign of something more serious, CityMD is here to help you find relief and get back to feeling comfortable in your skin.

If your rash isn’t going away, is getting worse, or if you start feeling sick, it’s time to see a doctor. And if you’re ever in doubt about a rash or any other health concerns, just swing by your local CityMD. We’re here to help make sure you get the care you need to feel better as soon as possible.

Managing skin troubles doesn’t have to be a puzzle. With the right help and some good care, you can get back to feeling great in no time.

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